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Silent Disco – The Loudest party That No One Can Hear!

What’s the biggest issue with a dance party? The music is too loud for the neighbors and not loud enough for the guests!

Both problems have been solved with Silent Disco. The latest technology in wireless headphones for the quietest and loudest dance party.

We Own The Equipment

Simplified Entertainment & Events owns all the casino night equipment. That way you know exactly what you are getting. Also, we take care of our equipment. Making sure that everything is just right for your event.

Different Audio Channels

Up to 3 different channels of music can be selected by the participants. Individual volume controls on the headphone allow the listener to have the volume exactly at the level they choose.

Up To 3 Live DJ's At The Same Time

Your dance party can have 3 live DJ’s or 2 live DJ’s and a song playlist or any other combination of music. Channel 1 can be Hip-Hop, channel 2 can be Country and channel 3 can be oldies. Everyone dancing together each listening to a different channel. A dance party where everyone can participate.

Silent Disco Packages

Silent Disco packages can be as small as headphones only or large that includes Dj’s and the latest disco lighting.

Silent Disco can be performed all year.

Silent Disco is all inclusive including those with disabilities.

Silent Disco typically runs 3 hours.

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