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Simplified Entertainment presents Bazooka Ball Tag

Simplified Entertainment & Events has a School super SOFT new twist on paint ball.


What is Bazookaball TAG?

The name Bazookaball Tag comes from the cool popping sound of the soft foam ball when it exists the blaster.

Bazookaball Tag is a great tag game for those who really want the experience of trying to tag an opponent with a soft foam launched ball.

Each player wears a vest that broadcasts to the score board when they are tagged. Giant bunkers are used to hide from your opponents. Each game is timed to place the players under the highest pressure for them to rack up the most team tags.

Bazookaball Tag can be used with the TIME ATTACK ROBOT inflatable for a real cool tag experience.

Music, lights and sound add to the exciting experience of this super fun game of tag.

A<>ll Laser Tag events can be customized to meet your specific goals.

All Laser Tag events are all inclusive including those with disabilities.

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