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Simplified Entertainment & Events Is The King Of Tag

TIME ATTACK - The Technology

Simplified Entertainment & Events is truly the King Of Tag! Our TIME ATTACK TAG is the ultimate in a tag game.

Using the coolest Nerf Blasters, players have only a short amount of time to amass the most points. Multiple color-coded targets are placed throughout the giant robot. Each player wears a vest with an electronic target that is color coded for their team. During the timed game, players blast the targets and other opponent teams with the soft foam Nerf Blaster darts.

Many different games to play from one on one, 2 team, 3 team and more!


Simplified Entertainment will transform your room, gym or outside area into the coolest TIME ATTACK TAG environment. From bunkers to giant inflatable UFO’s, we can create an arena space that will be the envy of any tag game you have played before.

Music, lights and sound add to the exciting experience of this super fun game of tag.

All Laser Tag events can be customized to meet your specific goals.

All Laser Tag events are all inclusive including those with disabilities.

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