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Simplified Entertainment Is The King Of Tag Games

Simplified Entertainment & Events is the King Of Tag! The biggest, best and portable tag games brought to your events. A tag event is fun, good exercise and promotes team building.

Laser Tag, Bazooka Tag and Time Attack Tag. All 3 are the top tag games yet, each one is a different experience.

The Simplified Entertainment & Events Laser Tag rivals anything in your local mall. Lights, sound and vibrating vest and to the exciting experience of laser tag.

Bazookaball is for those who like to show off their skills in blasting other opponents with a soft foam ball. Vests that keep score let everyone know who is the best blaster.

Time Attack is the newest tag game to enter the market. A huge inflatable robot covered with electronic targets is ready for action. Players also wear an electrtonic target. The Nerf Blasters are used in this game to tag the robot targets and the other players.

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